Personal Injury Attorney & Car Accident Attorney Serving Dania Beach

Injuries are a normal part of life, but they should not be something you have to struggle to pay for due to someone else’s negligence. There are a variety of laws and regulations in Florida that are in place to keep residents and tourists safe in a number of situations. Even with these rules however, accidents happen, leaving victims with injuries leading to high medical bills. A personal injury attorney serving the Dania Beach area can help you get the compensation you need. By giving them the ability to fight on your behalf, your stress will be reduced greatly, allowing you to focus on healing and getting back on your feet.

Car accidents are among the leading causes of injuries, thanks to the increased popularity of texting while driving. Many drivers in Dania Beach also drive cars that do not meet regulations to be on the road, further putting people in danger of getting injured. In these instances, the fault may not be yours but many insurance companies will try to find some way to blame you and keep from paying for both your car repairs and medical bills. A good personal injury attorney serving Dania Beach will fight for you and assume all contact with the insurance company to ensure that you are treated fairly and seek the compensation you require.


Know your rights through the help of a Personal Injury Attorney Serving Dania Beach

Medical malpractice in Dania Beach is another issue many people face, where a medical practitioner is negligent and leaves patients with lasting damage. These injuries often require extensive medical treatment over an extended period of time, or sometimes permanently. This affects both the victim’s quality of life and their family’s. A personal injury attorney serving Dania Beach will keep you from being taken advantage of by large medical practices. By thoroughly going over the evidence available, they can fight to obtain compensation for your medical bills, injuries, as well as the pain and suffering you have endured as a direct cause of their negligent behavior. Loss of income is also something that can be compensated if such an event occurs.

Workplaces are also a major source of personal injury due to unsafe work conditions. According to the law, employers are responsible for keeping a safe work environment for their workers. While employer/employees are commonly subject to workmen’s compensation laws, some cases render a third party liability for the injuries, particularly including pain & suffering. A personal injury attorney serving Dania Beach is familiar with the laws surrounding issues like these, and can fight to get you compensated, as well as ensure you are treated fairly.

Feel safe outside, whether you are hitting the road or strolling on the parks knowing that you have a personal injury attorney serving Dania Beach just a call away. This Firm has one focus in all forms of injuries putting your well-being in good hands. Contact an injury attorney serving Dania Beach today at 1-844-4-TUCKER.