Turn to a Patent Attorney Law Firm serving our Miami-Dade, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Orlando. If you need to file for a patent, want to enforce your patent rights, or need to defend against a patent infringement lawsuit, contact Tucker Law!

I am Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker. My Fort Lauderdale Patent Practice includes patent searches and patentability opinions, patent application drafting and filing, and patent litigation, as well as advising Fort Lauderdale clients on strategies for maximizing the value of their patent portfolios.


The City of Fort Lauderdale includes many individuals and businesses in need of a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney. For this reason, Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker serving Fort Lauderdale is able to help secure patent rights for to your invention.

Tucker Law is capable of handling all of the following types of Fort Lauderdale Patent cases, among others:

  • Patent Applications – Businesses and Individuals in Fort Lauderdale need a Patent Attorney serving Fort Lauderdale to properly file your federal patent application. Patent applications are complicated and should be drafted and filed by a registered patent attorney.
  • Patent Litigation – Businesses and Individuals may formally or informally be served with a Cease & Desist Letter or a Lawsuit. It is important to hire a patent attorney to discuss your options and determine the prudent course of action. The patent attorney can assess the amount of potential liability and whether the Client has a reasonably likelihood of prevailing based on the then presently known information.


If your Fort Lauderdale business or individual received a cease and desist letter for infringing on the patent rights of another, it is imperative that you respond quickly. Tucker Law will review whether infringement actually exists and will respond accordingly. You need to respond to the Cease & Desist letter or you may end up litigating in a court across the country. Tucker Law provides Fort Lauderdale businesses and individuals with patent related advice and guidance. Patent law is complex. Accordingly, contact Tucker Law serving Fort Lauderdale today!


If you have been sued for patent infringement, you have a short period of time to respond to the complaint. Contact Tucker Law serving Fort Lauderdale to represent your business. Have you been sued in a court outside of Florida? Let Tucker Law attempt to bring the patent litigation case back to the Fort Lauderdale area.

Need the Best Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney?

Tucker Law is not allowed to say that we are the best patent attorney law firm serving Fort Lauderdale, but Tucker Law may have the best patent attorney for you! Before you hire a patent attorney, consider Tucker Law to provide guidance to protect your rights and interests. Tucker Law will fight to secure valuable patent rights for your Fort Lauderdale business. You do not want to file a patent application without the assistance of a Patent Attorney serving Fort Lauderdale.

What is a Patent?

Fort Lauderdale businesses commonly ask what is a patent. A patent is a government issued limited monopoly for the right to limit others from making, using, selling or offering to sell your invention. Patents can protect the entire invention, or even specific parts of the invention. A Fort Lauderdale Registered Patent Attorney can help put the right strategy in place strategy to protect your invention either nationwide and even throughout the world.

What are the Benefits of Filing a Patent?

Trademark Benefits No. 1

Public notice of your ownership of the patented rights;

Trademark Benefits No. 2The ability to enjoin others from making, using, or selling your patented invention for a period of twenty years from the date that your invention was filed, or if a design patent, fourteen years from the date that your patent issues;

Trademark Benefits No. 3The ability to obtain attorney’s fees from infringers that willfully infringe upon your patent rights;

Trademark Benefits No. 4The right to obtain licensing fees from companies that wish to use your innovation with their products; and

Trademark Benefits No. 5The ability to obtain no less than a reasonable royalty in damages when a person or company infringes on the claims of your patent(s).

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