Matthew Sean Tucker - Patent Attorney | Trademark Attorney | Copyright Attorney | Civil Litigation Attorney

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University of Baltimore, J.D.
University of Central Florida, B.S., Electrical Engineering

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Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker

Matthew Sean Tucker is an Florida Bar and District of Columbia attorney holding a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a law degree from the University Of Baltimore School Of Law with a dual concentration in intellectual property law and business law. He is also a member of the Patent Bar, and an inventor of several patent pending inventions.

Prior to founding Tucker Law, Matthew practiced on complex areas of law and across a variety of complex industries including sports law, patent law, trademark law, and copyright law.  Matthew has assisted several different clients each leveraging multi-billion dollar patent portfolios.  

Matthew moved his Firm’s practice into the area of Bar Admissions to help aspiring legal graduates make waves in their desired fields.  To wit, Matthew understands the difficulties that a law graduate face if they are unable to practice in the field of law.  For many, shame and embarrassment follows.

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