Accidents are common on the fast paced roads of South Florida.  Broward County bus drivers are particularly at fault for causing personal injury to other drivers.  The Sun Sentinel reports that as many as 59 drivers of the 629 bus drivers have caused repeated accidents over a six-year period.

[1]  This has likely caused injuries to not only to other drivers, but also to the passengers of the bus.  In many cases however, a personal injury attorney is limited in their ability to recover the full amount of damage to the injured parties because of two reasons.  First, the amount of damages that the county can be liable for is limited to $200,000.00 per person, and $300,000.00 in total for a single incident or occurrence, because of what is known as sovereign immunity afforded to state agencies.[2][3]  Second, the bus typically has a lot of injured passengers so the sovereign immunity cap is quickly extinguished.  For this reason, it is particularly important to seek a personal injury attorney quickly if you are injured in a city bus related car accident.  City bus cases require particularly swift action in order to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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