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Distracted driving is a major cause of vehicle and pedestrian related accidents.  Distracted driving is particularly dangerous in Florida due to many roadways have posted speeds at or exceeding 45 miles per hour.  The victims of the distracted driver may include drivers or passengers in other vehicles.  But injury victims may also include passengers inside of the distracted driver’s vehicle.  Distracted driving is a growing problem due to the increased use of new technology, smartphones, and other technological improvements.  Regardless, drivers owe a duty to other members of the public to drive responsibility and use safe driving techniques.  Most distractions will place civil liability on the driver to compensate those injured as a result of the distracted driving.

Types of Distracted Driving

  • Smartphone texting
  • Cell phone conversations
  • Eating or Drinking while driving
  • Using a GPS navigation system or smartphone
  • Watching videos
  • Tuning radios or digital music channels
  • Passenger distractions including children and friends

Studies have shown that teens are most likely to engage in distracted driving behavior.  But teenagers owe the same duty as adult drivers.  A distracted teenager and their parents are responsible to compensate you for your injuries.  It is important to contact a law firm that will seek justice for your rights, regardless of the responsible party.

In addition, you should not underestimate the dangers posed by any person that is distracted while driving, particularly truck accidents.  Distracted drivers commonly fail to yield at stop signs and do not apply their brakes prior to impact, resulting in horrific impacts.  Let an attorney with the Firm explain your rights and ability to recover compensation for your injuries from the insurance company.


Learn your rights through the help of a Distracted Driving  Personal Injury Attorney

Victims should learn what their legal rights and allow an attorney to work on their behalf.  Insurance companies do not want to compensate you for your injuries.  And insurance adjusters that do not make every effort to minimize an insurance payout following an accident will not be insurance adjusters for long.  Insurance adjusters are experienced and work everyday on attempting to avoid liability whenever possible.  Statements that tend to show distracted driving may be used against you later on when you attempt to settle your case.  Let a personal injury attorney with the Firm attempt to seek just compensation for your injuries.

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