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Rear-end car accident victims

Rear-End Accident Attorneys

Rear-end car accidents are one of the most common type of accidents in Florida.  Some of the reasons for the frequent number of rear-end car accidents include the increased use of red light traffic cameras, distracted driving, drunk driving, and congested roads and highways.

The Personal Injury and Accident Attorney Firm of Tucker Law is committed to helping rear-end accident victims obtain the justice they so desperately deserve.  Because drivers and passengers are almost invariably looking forward during a rear-end car crash, the victims are not expecting the sudden jolt.  As a result of the surprise of the hit, as well as the significant forces seen during a rear-end car accident, it is no surprise than spine injuries to the lumbar spine and the cervical spine typically result.

Neck and Back Injuries

Whiplash is the non-medical term to describe the full range of injuries to a victims neck as a result of a rear-end accident.  One of the reasons for whiplash injuries is believed to result from the impulsive stretching of the spine, mainly the anterior longitudinal ligament, which is torn or stretched from the sudden and significant jerking motion.  Studies have shown that even low-velocity light impact accidents can provide significant injuries.  The fact is that while the body as a whole is very resilient, the cervical spine (neck) remains a relatively delicate structure – thereby housing the very spinal cord that sends messages from the brain to control every aspect of the human body.

Accordingly, many rear-end injuries cause compression against the spinal cord.  In turn, this compression causes significant pain all the way down to the limbs of the rear-end accident victim.  The two most common levels of cervical spine herniations resulting from car accidents are C5-C6 level and the C6-C7 level.


Know your rights after a rear-end car accident

Perhaps you were sitting at a traffic light or slowing due to traffic.  All of a sudden a car, van, or truck violently slams into the back of your vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle.  The presumption begins with the belief that the rear vehicle is liable for the accident.  The court has established this presumption because the accident victim is usually looking forward, not backwards at the moment of impact.  Thus, the law places the burden on the rear driver to show that they are not at fault.  Before speaking with the insurance companies, it is important to hire an attorney to discuss your matter on your behalf to establish facts to prevent the negligent driver from overcoming their burden of presumption of their negligence.

Types of Negligent Acts That May Establish A Breach Of A Duty

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