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Discussing some of the factors that go into determining which district court to file a patent lawsuit, particularly when multiple courts are available to hear the case.

Have you received a cease and desist letter or been served with a patent complaint alleging patent infringement?  Learn about some of the factors that go into analyzing and responding to the Patent Plaintiff.

Registered Patent Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker discusses the importance of the filing deadlines, affirmative defenses, and filing an answer to a Complaint.  If you have been served with a Patent Litigation Complaint, contact a patent attorney right away because you have a limited time to reply.

Registered Patent Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker discusses Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (Fed. R. Civ. P.) 26(a)(1).  While initial disclosures are applicable to all federal cases, R26(a)(1) has important considerations as it relates to patent cases.  Electronically stored information, prior inventors, and prior prosecuting patent attorneys may be discoverable information that should be listed on the initial disclosurs.

Registered Patent Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker discusses markman briefs and some important considerations when filing your brief with the Court. During patent litigation, it is important to narrow the disputed claim terms as the Court will typically only entertain interpretation of a limited number of claim terms.


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