Naming Your New Business. Did you know that simply because you register a new business entity you are not granted the right to use that name in commerce?  Using your new business name may infringe another company’s trademark.  This could result in significant legal fees that far exceed your startup costs.  Because Federal law governs trademarks, states do not perform a trademark search before registering your business name. Thus, you may need to use a name other than your registered business name.  Did you also know that using a name other than your registered business name can be a Second Degree misdemeanor?  Avoid making critical mistakes.  Let Tucker Law guide you as you develop your new business.  Contact Tucker Law today.

Business Formations. Tucker Law can help you form the corporate structure that meets your particular needs, incluing LLC’s, Corporations, Nonprofits, Limited Liability Partnerships, and the like.  The Firm can also draft your new entities operating agreement to keep your company running smooth.

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Trademark Searches and Registrations. Tucker Law offers a GET TRADEMARKED™ registration package at a very affordable price, which packages a basic trademark search with a trademark application.  Alternatively, Tucker Law offers an assortment of individual trademark services, including trademark searches, applications, trademark monitoring, and enforcement and litigation.  Click here to Purchase Online Now!

Employment Agreements. Tucker Law has found that majority of new businesses struggle implement legal agreements and forms situated to their particular needs.  Tucker Law can draft any type of agreement that you require, including agreements covering employment terms, non-disclosure of intellectual property, non-compete agreements, work made for hire, delinquency letters, membership contracts, franchise agreements, lease agreements, or virtually any other agreement.

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