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Alligator Alley Crash Leaves Two Dead

Two people were killed over the weekend when a man and woman’s vehicle sunk in a canal off of Interstate 75 in Broward County, Florida.  As reported, the Florida Highway Patrol was investigating the crash to seek answers for the family.  What is known is that the vehicle sustained separation of the tire tread on the left-rear wheel.  Good samaritans attempted to save the couple’s life but the water was estimated to be around 40 feet deep where the car plunged into the water.  Combined with Thanksgiving weekend traffic, the car accident caused hour long backups on Sunday. Officials urge caution when driving on dark roadways.  Visibility is low in that area and can result in serious accidents due to road conditions and highway speeds.  Studies have looked at the effects of drivers' age and low light on speed, lane keeping, and visual recognition of typical roadway stimuli.  In fact, many drivers misjudge their ability to visualize the road at night.  Many people in studies have shown a failure to compensate fully for diminished visual recognition abilities in low light.  Notably however, older drivers behaved more cautiously than the younger groups. Additional nighttime tips may include: Lowering the Risks of Night Driving: As you get older, plan your trips better. Drive only on streets you are familiar with, avoiding those unlit roadways during nighttime conditions. Always Drive Defensively: Keep at least two car lengths between your vehicle and the car in front of you.  Give more space in inclement weather. Keep Windows Clear: Keeping your windows clear and free of debris can improve your late night vision and responsiveness. Keep Your Tires in Good Repair: Check the tire tread before and after a long drive. [...]

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Florida Supreme Court Says Exculpatory Clause Effective to Bar Negligence – Sanislo v. Give Kids The World, Inc.

Personal Injury Attorney review of SANISLO v. GIVE KIDS THE WORLD, INC., No. SC12-2409 (Fla. Feb. 12, 2015) relating to exculpatory clauses. Give Kids the World, Inc., (Give Kids the World) a non-profit located near Disney World, endeavors to provide storybook vacations to the seriously ill children and their families. Give Kids the World provided the Sanislos family with a form that was filled out in order to fulfill the wish. The form contained a liability release that provided, in pertinent part […]

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