The Florida Board of Bar Examiners relates the conduct of an Applicant to the Applicant’s fitness to practice law in the State of Florida.  Honesty, fairness, respect for the rights of others, as well as respect for the laws of the State of Florida and of the nation, are the backbone for determining whether a Florida Bar Applicant is fit for the opportunity to represent clients before the Florida Courts.  But there is no absolute definition.  Accordingly, the specific facts for each applicant’s case will be scrutinized.  Let us represent you regarding your character and fitness as a candidate before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.


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  • Unlawful conduct

  • Academic misconduct

  • Making false or misleading statements

  • Misconduct in employment

  • Acts of Dishonesty

  • Acts of Fraud

  • Acts of Deceit

  • Acts of misrepresentation

  • Abuse of legal process

  • Financial irresponsibility

  • Neglect of professional obligations

  • Violation of an order of a court

  • Evidence of mental instability

  • Evidence of emotional instability

  • Evidence of drug dependency

  • Evidence of alcohol dependency

  • Other jurisdictional denials

  • Bar disciplinary action

  • Professional disciplinary action

  • Other adverse conduct


1030_Award  Positive Social Contributions

Attorneys are expected to positively affect their local communities and the State of Florida. Not surprisingly then, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners look at whether an Applicant has made a positive social contribution to society as a form of rehabilitation. An Attorney with the Firm can counsel you on the type of rehabilitation that will positively influence your admission to the Florida Bar.

1030_timeRecency of Conduct

An Applicants age at the time of prior conduct, as well as the recency of the conduct, factors into the FBBE’s decision on whether to recommend admission of an Applicant to the Supreme Court of Florida. Prior unlawful, academic, or employment misconduct, may result in further inquiry by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. Talk to an Attorney to increase your chances for admission.

1030_Open_Book_IconOpenness and Honesty

One way for the Florida Board of Bar Examiners to determine whether you have been rehabilitated is to consider honesty in the investigative process. Admitting to past actions and speaking openly about your mistakes goes a long way towards evidencing rehabilitation. If there are any questionable mistakes made in the past, it is best to have an attorney advise you on how to best proceed.

Just A Few Examples

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Character & Fitness

Character & Fitness

When the Florida Bar refuses registration to become a member of the Florida Bar, unless the Supreme Court of Florida reverses the decision, an applicant must wait two years to re-apply and start the Florida Bar admission process over.

Investigave Hearing

Investigative Hearing

The Supreme Court of Florida requires Florida Bar Applicants possess good moral character. When issues surface regarding the moral character of an applicant, the Board invites that applicant to attend an investigative hearing.

Formal Hearing

Formal Hearing

Following an investigative hearing, the FBBE may file charges, called specifications, against the Florida Bar Applicant. Subsequently, an attorney with the Office of General Counsel will prosecute the case against you before a five member panel.

Bar Application Review

Bar Application Review

Hiring our Firm to review your bar application is one of the best ways to avoid simple but financially costly mistakes that causes you to meet the Florida Board of Bar Examiners under tense conditions during an investigative hearing.

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